A child’s spelling ability predicts later reading abilities. Why Children with Dyslexia Struggle With Writing and How to Help Them: by Michael Herbert, Devin M. Kearns, Joanne Baker Hayes, Pamela Bazis, and Samantha Cooper

Spelling is still a crucial skill necessary for literacy development even in the 21st century. Reading science shows a strong connection between spelling and reading ability. Both skills draw on the same underlying brain processes. If a student can spell a word, they can most likely read it. Being able to read a word, however, does not guarantee correct spelling. Sessions range from 45-60 minutes and also include a focus on writing.

Stephen works on spelling with students in a multisensory way.

  1. Spelling is taught systematically (logically) using a dictation process.
  2. Spelling practice is incorporated into the writing process.
  3. Students are taught correct sound-symbol correspondences (the sound(s) each letter or combination of letters makes) before spelling new words.
  4. As students commit more patterns to memory, words gradually increase in difficulty.
  5. Students use multiple tools including a sound tray to prepare them to spell words.
  6. A personal spelling journal is built over time.